Finding Light at the end of the tunnel

One of our Facebook friends has been recently posting about the impact that walking is having on her physical and mental well-being. I found her posts so moving and inspiring that I asked her if she’d share her story. 

Naomi, thank you so much for writing this in your own words and allowing us to share it. We’re all really looking forward to the day when you can join us on our walks….

Hello everyone, I hope that I find you well and that you are all looking forward to meeting up with all your walking buddies very soon.

It’s been a tough time for us all, for some it’s been very lonely and isolating. 
Not being able to see your friends or loved ones will have certainly had an impact on everyone’s mental health and  well-being.

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health and for this reason alone it’s so important to try and get some kind of exercise on a daily basis. 

Or have a hobby or interest that keeps our brain active. 

If we are mentally healthy we will also be physically well.

So you will all be reading this and thinking, what does she know? Well let me introduce myself my name is Naomi and at a very young age i was diagnosed with Endogenous depression, Borderline Personality Disorder and anxiety.

Sadly in 2019 I lost both my mum and my long term partner. 

I could have just sat at home and cried, I could feel sorry for myself but what’s the point in that? They are gone and nothing I do will bring them back, but I do have my memories.

However sad or selfish it sounds life is for living and there is so much i haven’t done. 

The sad thing about losing my mum and my partner is that I realised that I don’t have any genuine friends that I could call upon and in just 6 days I turn 40… 

I’ve never been abroad before.
I had never even ventured out locally because I was scared of getting lost or taking the wrong track. Would I know which way to go? What happens if I go up the wrong footpath? How would I get home? Do I really want to leave the house and leave my comfort zone?

So just over 2 weeks ago I decided enough was enough it was time to put one foot in front of the other. Put the leads on the dogs, start the google maps and samsung Health on my phone and off I went to discover what was hidden in and around Meltham.

My plan had been to do a different walk everyday until my birthday, but obviously due to our lovely weather I have been unable to do what I wanted. 

I even felt like i’d  let myself down on a day that the weather was really bad, why? because I’ve realised I enjoy going out, walking to places I know and places that I’d never even known existed before.

So far I have walked to Netherthong via the knowle, across oldfield road and then down miry lane. We have ventured into Honley woods and walked to Honley village  and back. 
I’ve done a circular route coming down Mill moor road. We have been to Meltham reservoir to see the swans and Heron.

Folly dolly falls another of my favourites but too busy at the moment.
Now Deer Hill, just wow, I need to do that again and trust my instincts to  go further. Oh and I forgot I also walked to Digley and back. 
Plus we had a jaunt up to blackmoorfoot reservoir.

Anyway the point is we have some absolutely amazing places on our doorstep, with some outstanding views. 
So grab your camera, go out on your own, go with your best friend or join the Meltham Walkers group and if anyone would like to show me some more walks I’d certainly appreciate the company.