2024 Programme of walks (Sunday)

January 21st 3.5m Wilshaw Wander February 18th 4m Royd Ramble (part) March 17th 4.5m Valley View April 21st 10m Wessenden Way May 19th 4m Harden Hike June 16th 6m Wolfstones July 21st 5m Woodland Wonders August 18th 4m Millennium Wood September 15th Heritage Walk October 20th 7.5m Back O’Tip & Beyond November 17th 4.5m Mills,…

2023 Programme of walks

15th Jan 3.5m Wilshaw Wander 19th Feb 4.5m Mills, Hills & Wills 19th March 5m Woodland Wonders 16th April 10m Wessenden Way 21st May 4.5m Valley View 18th June 4m Millenium Wood 16th July 6m Fair Cop 20th August 6m Wolfstones 17th September TBD Heritage Walk 15th October 7.25m Back O’Tip & Beyond 19th November…

November 2022

Our November walk is on Sunday 20th November and is the Reservoir & Royd Ramble, a lovely 7 mile walk up to Blackmoorfoot, through Helme & onto the catch-water, returning via Royd Edge. Meet at the Carlile Car Park at 10:00.

October Walk

Our October Walk on Sunday 16th October will be our gorgeous Wolfstones route. Approximately 6 miles, with spectacular views.

July Guided Walk

Join us on the 17th July for our 11.6km (7.25m) Back O’Tip & Beyond walk, a circular route along the valley to Honley and back, taking in Magdalen & Honley Woods. You can find more details of the walk here: Back O’Tip & Beyond

June Walk review

19 people joined us for a fabulous walk through Honley Wood, viewing the wild orchids and seeing great views of the valleys around Meltham

May Guided Walk

Join us on Sunday May 15th for our popular Woodland Wonders walk. It’s around 5 miles, 2.5 hrs. It’s a lovely, moderate walk through to Meltham Mills Reservoir, Honey Head and returning via Honley Woods.

2022 Programme of walks

Date (Sundays) Walk Distance (miles) 16 January 2022 Mills, Hills, Wills 4.5 20 February 2022 Wilshaw Wander 3.5 20 March 2022 Harden Hike 3.75 17 April 2022 Wessenden Way 10 15 May 2022 Woodland Wonders 5 19 June 2022 Valley View 4.5 17 July 2022 Back O’t Tip & Beyond 7 21 August 2022 Fair…

January 2022 Walk

Happy New Year! Our first walk of 2022 will be the Mills, Hills & Wills walk on Sunday January 18th. Subject to any restrictions that may be in place at the time.

November 2021 Walk

Sunday 21st November at 10 am. We’ve got a lovely autumn walk for you, the Meltham Meander. Up to Royd Edge, through the Pleasure Grounds, and Robert Ashton Park and returning via the Greenway. Approximately 4.5 miles ( 2.5 hours)